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Kia Writes

A writer by trade and passion, Kia is a master wordsmith who uses words to tell stories that educate, encourage, and inspire readers to love hard, take risks, chase dreams, and enjoy every journey life offers. As a journalist, Kia has been privileged to interview U.S. Ambassador William J. Hudson, Grammy-winning artists Big Boi of Outkast and Killer Mike, New York Times bestselling author J.L. King and the honorable Louis Farrahkan. Kia has been published in a number of publications including, Black Health Magazine (where she also served as the founding editorial manager), OTC Beauty Magazine, Crystal Magazine, AUC Magazine and Bias Magazine. In addition to her journalism experience, Kia is the chief writer for the lifestyle blog, Kia Speaks, and plans to release her first book, Inside the Gates, spring 2012.