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Spelman College
Services: Social Media Management
Date: December 2011-Present
--Developed and managed the college's social media campaign and social media policies
--Placed second in The Atlanta Business Chronicle's Social Madness competition
--Oversaw the development departmental and student organizations' social media sites
Spelman College Facebook
Spelman College Twitter
Spelman College YouTube
Spelman College LinkedIn

Kile's World Foundation
Services: Press Release, Media Relations, Marketing/Public Relations
Date: October 2013-November 2013

Comizia Care, Inc.
Services: Social Media Campaign, Social Media Management, Website Management
Date: November 2011-January 2012
--Developed and managed a social media campaign

Angela Shella
Services: Press Release
Date: November 2011
--Composed press release  

Georgia Perimeter College’s EDGE Leadership Conference
Services: Speaking, Social Media
Date: October 22, 2011
--Leadership and Social Media Workshop  

Maggie Tales: “Mommy, Where’s Heaven?”
Services: Media Relations
Date: September 2011-October 2011
--Developed and distributed media kits  

OTC Beauty Magazine
Services: Feature Writing
Date: April 2011-June 2011, September 2004-April 2006
--Composed feature articles  

Urban Edge Publishing
Services: Writing
Date: May 2008
--Composed media kit  

Gretchen Torbert
Services: Editing
Date: May 2008-July 2008
--Copyedited manuscripts  

Career Magazine
Services: Editorial Consultant
Date: April 2008
--Developmental Consultant  

Cyndi Madison
Services: Editing
Date: March 2008
--Copyedited manuscript  

Georgia Alliance of Drug Endangered Children
Services: Editing, Layout, Project Management
Date: February 2008-August 2008
--Edited and produced Community Action Guide
--Managed the development of a PSA campaign  

Butlers at Your Service
Services: eNewsletter Management
Date: December 2007-April 2008
--Developed and distributed the monthly eNewsletter  

Lawrence Boyd
Services: Editing
Date: December 2007
--Manuscript editing  

Mel Fareed
Services: Editing
Date: October 2007
--Dissertation Editing
--APA Formating  

Kimberly Lovett
Services: Writing
Date: August 2007-September 2007
--Composed media kit  

Urban Moon Publishing
Services: Writing, Editing, Layout
Date: July 2007-May 2008
--Composed articles
--Copyedited manuscripts
--Produced book layouts  

Dr. Cherry Collier
Services: Blog Management, eNewsletter Management
Date: July 2007-August 2008
--Edited and posted blog entries
--Produced and distributed eNewsletter  

Co-Pastor Debra Morton’s Blessings in A Bottle
Services: Media Relations, Event Media Management
Date: May 2007-July 2007
--Developed press kit
--Designed and implemented media relations campaign
--Managed media at product launch  event

Howard Road Academy Fundraising Kit
Services: Writing, Editing, Layout
Date: January 2007-July 2007
--Managed and produced the 2007-2008 fundraising kit  

Household Publishing
Services: Editing
Date: August 2006-April 2008
--Copyedited manuscripts  

Black Health Magazine
Services: Editorial Consultant
Date: August 2006-April 2008
--Developed magazine format
--Managed editorial and production staff
--Developed monthly content
--Copyedited and proofread articles  

Terrance Knox
Services: Editing
Date: September 2005-February 2008
--APA Formatting  

Crystal Magazine
Services: Copyediting, Desktop Publishing, Writing
Date: June 2005-June 2008
--Copyedited articles
--Covered the Trumpet Awards red carpet
--Composed cover stories and feature articles
--Developed letterhead  

Mayor Geneva Bledsoe
Services: Writing
Date: October 2005-Present
--Composed speeches for various events
--Composed biography for publication