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Seminar/Workshop List

*Additional seminars and workshops can be developed upon request.

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·         Leadership & Social Media

      Making Social Media Work for Your Organization

      Revisiting You Resume



·         Envisioning Your Future

·         Strategic Planning: Setting & Accomplishing Goals


·         9th Grade Academy

·         Freshman Incoming (College Prep)

·         The God of My Youth

·         I’m Graduating. Now What?

·         Rap, Rhythm, & Rhyme: Hip Hop Poetry Workshop

·         Social Media and Your Future

·         Urban Sex Ed.

Business Development Workshops and Seminars
Leadership and Social Media —A resource used by contemporary leaders to increase followers and communicate messages, social media has undoubtedly altered the way modern leadership operates. Participants in this interact discussion will learn: 1) how to protect their personal leadership brand/reputation and 2) how to incorporate social media into their organization’s communication and marketing plans.  
  • Recommended Audiences: Individuals in leadership and marketing/communication positions with corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, student organizations, churches, as well as speakers, authors, artists and other independent consultants.

Making Social Media Work for Your Organization 
—In this interactive workshop, participants will examine various social media tools and develop social media plans that produce results. Participants will launch social media accounts and build a resource center that ensures all sales, marketing and public relations goals are met.
  • Recommended Audiences: Small businesses, non-profit organizations, student organizations, churches and independent musicians, authors, etc.

Revisiting Your Resume In the present economic climate, it’s imperative that jobseekers produce and submit quality resumes and cover letters that help them stand out in a crowd of applicants. During this workshop, participants will learn what human resource professionals look for when hiring applicants and leave with quality resumes and cover letters.

  • Recommended Audiences: Job seekers

Personal Development Workshops and Seminars

Envisioning Your Future Vision boards are powerful tools that inspire growth, invoke change and manifest results. This interactive workshop guides individuals in visualizing their futures and assists them in creating boards that inspire them to live the life they desire. Two sections of this course exist: 1) creating physical vision boards and 2) creating electronic vision boards.

  • Recommended Audiences: Goal-setters of all ages.


      Setting and Accomplishing Goals: Strategically Planning Your Life —We all have dreams, goals and aspirations that we would like to accomplish, but often they seem too big and surreal to accomplish. Setting and Accomplishing Goals is an interactive workshop that instructs participants on how to “eat an elephant one bite at a time.” Participants will develop short-term and long-term action items that insure their ultimate goals are achieved.

  • Recommended Audiences: Individuals of all ages.


        Youth Development Workshops and Seminars

      9th Grade Academy —If not properly prepared, the transition from middle to high school can overwhelm and negatively affect a student academically and socially. As a former 9th grade English teacher, Kia uses her expertise to ensure students have the knowledge, confidence, skill and wisdom to successfully integrate  into the high school environment.

  • Recommended Audiences: Rising 9th graders

Freshman Incoming (College Prep) --Transitioning into college is one of the most important changes a person will make. Away from the comforts of home, students are often overpowered by the overwhelming responsibility and the unrestrained freedom. This seminar provides incoming college freshman with the skills they need to ensure their college tenure is a successful one.

  • Recommended Audience: First-year college students as well as upperclassmen having difficult transitioning.

The God of My Youth “Lead a child the way they should go, and when they are younger, they will not depart” (Proverbs 22:6). It is imperative that youth are given practical ways to walk with God. In this seminar Kia Speaks honestly, openly and practically on many aspects of spirituality in order to empower youth to strengthen their walk with God.

  • Recommended Audience: Youth interested in strengthening and growing their relationship with Christ.

I’m Graduating. Now What? —During the final year of high school, a number of new tasks and responsibilities confront graduating seniors. Students often become lost in the world of admission applications, standardized tests, financial aid processes and scholarship and employment searches. This interactive workshop educates students on these various processes and assists students in developing an action plan.

  • Recommended Audience: High school juniors and seniors although freshman and sophomores are also welcomed.

Rap, Rhythm, & Rhyme: Hip Hop Poetry Workshop —Youth often distance themselves from poetry; however, when viewed through the lens of hip hop, students gain a new respect for the music they love while becoming acquainted with the art form of poetry. During this workshop, students will learn how to positively channel emotions, create poetry and learn and review literary devices taught in English courses.

  •  Recommended Audience: Students in grades 6th through college.


Social Media and Your Future Facebook and Twitter are all fun and games, right? No! Contrary to what many youth believe, the things posted via social media can affect college admissions, employment and life in general. Participants will learn what social media is, proper usage of social media and the effects of misusing social media. Youth will leave more knowledgeable and more responsible about what they post via social media.

  • Recommended Audience: Middle and high school students. Mature subjects will be discussed.


Urban Sex Ed. An entertaining and interactive workshops that educates youth on the physical, emotional and social effects of sexual relationships. Students will leave more informed about pregnancy prevention, STDs, emotional health and abstinence.

  • Recommended Audience: Parental discretion